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I hope you had a healthy, beautiful holiday. I took some real time off, replaying the most inspiring radio shows I could find throughout the holiday as I endeavored to turn off the computer, slow down, connect with family, and reflect.

Now, after months of planning, and with my first 2010 radio show  broadcasting today (yes, TODAY, Thursday, at 3pm Pacific is my new KKNW timeslot, and now also via satellite, Saturdays at noon Pacific on Family Talk XM 170!!), with Suzanne Somers, a live interview on the Diane Brandon show at 4pm, and my Mastery TeleProgram group and Biggest Gainers “meeting with me” tonight by phone (email us at if you want to join us), the Member Library and Recipe Workshop expansions (see below!), Kat’s Biggest Gainers edition of Better Nutrition magazine hot off the presses, our balmy St. Simons Island program and my national TV appearance on The Doug Kaufman Show coming up soon, my 2010 “transformation agenda” is in full swing.

As subscribers to this newsletter, I know that you know all about turning inspiration and ideas into action, and you have both motivated me and helped me to fulfill my purpose and do what I love, and I want to thank you for all of your support over the last year (and for some of you, since 1998!!). I hope you’ll stay inspired and informed alongside me throughout 2010 and beyond...

In 2010, in addition to REAL (not fake or backwards) healthcare reform, may we all turn our ideas into action and lend the power we each possess to making the world a better place for ourselves and for each other.

And in case you don't know what's happening in health care reform, don't worry, neither does anyone else. Take a look...

Today’s Show with Suzanne Somers: Knockout: Interviews with Doctors that are Curing Cancer
I pride myself on NOT having celebrities on my show, as I tend to favor health geniuses and mavericks. That is why I’m not only a bit star struck having grown up surely under-estimating Suzanne Somers wisdom even then… Today, as one who’s spent considerable time researching alternative lifestyle, health, and beauty options for my own book and programs, I can tell you that over the last decade, Ms. Somers has demonstrated an advanced knowledge of— and commitment to—the lesser-known, true healing avenues too many of us are still unaware of. In this show, Suzanne will join me on The Kat James Show to talk about her bold new book, Knockout, and shed beautiful light on why cancer needn’t be the “lost cause” conventional treatment failure statistics would suggest.

End-of-Show Bonus: At the end of the show I will share my own special list of so-called “bogus” cancer cures that “surely do not work...” :)

Big News: New Thursday Radio Timeslot on KKNW Seattle and National Satellite Saturdays for The Kat James Show on Family Talk XM Channel 170!!
Please join us for The Kat James Show today at 3pm PST, (or online at 6pm EST; you can listen live at show time by visiting OR, for satellite radio subscribers, Saturday at noon Pacific and 3pm EST on Family Talk channel 170 XM for today's radio show. Previews of all shows are archived at and all Full Shows are available (usually within a week of airing) at the Member Library for listening to at your leisure (more information below).

Recipe Challenge: Replacing Flour in Recipes with Coconut Flour

Question: Dear Kat, Do you think if I replaced the wheat flour in this recipe with coconut flour and the sugar with Xylitol that this Lemon Olive Oil Cake would turn out tasting okay? As you have more experience with baking recipes, I'd like to try to make this if you think the substitutions would work.  What do you think? Will you be having a recipe program on your radio show?  I have your book and doing my best to eat using your '0' sugar spiking guidelines. Thank you,

Answer: Dear Marion, Replacing any wheat or white flour recipe with coconut flour is recommended, but tricky. You will have to figure it out by trial and error, but It seems to require about 1/5th the amount (or even as little as 1/8th) of coconut flour and more eggs and oil in all the recipes (I learned that from the master, Dr. Bruce Fife to add oil and eggs and subtract liquids to make coconut flour work best). Maybe start with 1/6th the amount of coconut flour and an extra two eggs and a little more butter. Even if it’s not perfect I bet I would eat it! And you can adjust the next time.

I have just added over a dozen new pages of recipes to my Member Library Recipe Workshop including:

We also have two radio show recordings featuring recipes leading up to the holidays—all available for those who support my work by clicking here and subscribing . Once you’ve subscribed, just click on the Recipe Workshop heading or the Kat’s Full Radio Shows heading.

Note: Why I Don’t I Put All My Recipes On My Website
People can gain weight or risk bad results by just “dabbling” in my approach without knowing what they are doing (the foods could make you gain weight if you do it “half way”). You also need to understand the small differences between “close” and “no cigar” in terms of the completion of the biochemical objectives and accompanying way you feel. This is NOT a simple program to teach or understand which is why I truly recommend at LEAST

Recipe Workshop Available Only to Newsletter Subscribers
Because of my goal to be sure that whomever has access to my recipes truly understands that they are not to be trifled with in the context of a typical “healthy” (let alone unhealthy) diet, the Member Library, will NOT be available (even for purchase) to anyone who is not receiving this newsletter. Please Note before subscribing to the Member Library that forwarding of the link, recipes or other content is prohibited.
For your best results with my program, I strongly recommend that all who pursue the recipes in the Member Library at the very least, purchase and listen to a full-curriculum Total Transformation® TeleProgram (click on this link to learn more Note that during January 2010, all Library Members may apply the full, current subscription price of $89 for the Member Library membership (click on this link to subscribe to the 5-Day St. Simons Island or Mountain Chalet Total Transformation® Program (click on this link to learn more OR TeleProgram.

New Recipes in Updated Member Library, and Mastery TeleProgram Question

Question: Hi, I'm wondering when Kat is having her next Mastery level TeleProgram? And is she ever going to publish a recipe book? Thank you!
Stacey, Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Ventura, CA

Answer: Dear Stacey, you can do the Mastery-level listen-only program right now and still hear three more live sessions with the Biggest Gainers, plus hear ALL recordings, which is extremely motivating because they are “competing” with each other to gain the most health in time for me to choose a winner for the cover shoot for Better Nutrition here at my 5-Day Mountain Chalet program, March 31st. Let me know if you want to join in. In fact, you can apply half the TeleProgram cost to the St. Simons island or March Mountain Chalet programs (click on this link to learn more . Otherwise, we will announce the next spring-summer TeleProgram.

Regarding recipes, again this is the single most-asked question I receive and after months of work at Total Transformation® Programs throughout 2008 and 2009. I have dramatically updated my Total Transformation® Recipe Workshop in the Member Library (which now also includes a lot of other exclusive features, including the Jumpstart product Discount Access Collection, Tara’s Money-saving Couponing Tips, Full Radio Shows, etc., for $89 per year for Member Library subscription. Click on this link to subscribe


Transformation Diary Excerpt: Why “Night Eating Rules” No Longer Apply to Fat Burners
Editing down months of emails between myself and our Sunshine Botanicals-sponsored Total Transformation® Program-winner, Kim Rangel to document her amazing transformation for my Member Library (available now, more info below), proved more far more daunting than anticipated, which is why I extended the length of 2009 membership for the entire membership base for a substantial four additional months (to May 1). I hate not coming through with promised updates when promised, or not getting you the newsletter on time for my radio show, but I think you are learning that I will always make it up to you by extending membership or including access to full radio shows in this newsletter if I don’t get news of the show out in time. I insist on writing all content myself while conducting programs and creating my radio shows, and you’ll always feel the human behind all that I do.

I have always known that documenting one or two program winner’s detailed journeys from deeply food phobia-enslaved to healthy and free would have the potential to help an unlimited number of people who currently suffer with fat-phobia and distorted food relationships and body image to be free in a way that goes WAY beyond just working with the emotions.  Here is a brief, but thought-provoking email between Kim and I a couple of months after she attended Total Transformation® (click on this link to learn more . The full, six-months of triumphs, troubleshooting, and rare insights (for her and for me) can now be accessed via the newly-updated 2010 Member Library (more details below).


KIM: I love getting your newsletters and reading about the amazing transformation stories that occur with your attendees at the programs. John's story is remarkable and is such a testimony for other men to hear. Lake Lure and its amenities sound fabulous.
I'm back home now. My extended stay in the country was quite a change of pace. This was the third summer we have made this trip and it was the first summer in three summers that I did not fall into my bingeing-starving pattern. The previous two summers I was dealing with past emotional issues. But this summer I didn't fall prey to the craziness and it wasn't even that hard to refrain. The thought of bingeing would cross my mind but it was only a passing thought; it never became an obsession. I believe it is because the fear of eating foods with fat has diminished immensely since I am now able to allow myself foods that are satisfying and filling. I had my good fats on hand like nuts, avocados, coconut oil, eggs, olive oil, and I had veggies, protein (I discovered I can put lots of olive oil on my albacore). One problem was due to our schedules being so late, my meals were not consistent. Because the travel threw me off, I found myself eating as late as 2am which meant my whole system was thrown off. Eating at such odd hours made me question if maybe I was actually bingeing but just on healthy foods.

KAT: Awesome to hear from you. So glad your summer trip was different than in years past. Eating late, once you’re a fat burner does not should not at all be construed as a binge impulse that you are controlling. As a fat burner, your hunger is now true. So If you are up, it is normal as a fat burner to be hungry when you need fuel. Because as a fat burner, you are now burning it.
Thank you for continuing to share your experience with me, Kim. Every observation you share is a gift to someone, and to me for increasing my own insights.
Follow Kim Rangel’s entire 2009 road to freedom, access lots of recipes she’s incorporated into her life, and hear Kim’s full radio interviews (and all shows, including today’s Suzanne Somers show at the 2010 Member Library. Click on this link to subscribe


2010 Member Library Now Includes Jumpstart Product Discount Access (formerly a $20 separate purchase), Plus Tara’s Amazing Coupon Sources for My Recommended Products
If you’re already a Library Member, you will remain subscribed through May 1st, then automatically given 10% off of the 2010 renewal price of $89 due at that time, should you choose to renew). The following just-expanded array of educational content from my Total Transformation® programs and kitchen, radio shows, articles, and more are now available at the 2010 subscription price of $89. We know that the years of work and hands-on experience this library represents will be of rare value to those who are earnestly pursuing my Total Transformation® program. You will get a link to access the full library upon making your $89 secure online 2010 Member Library subscription purchase. SIGN UP HERE by clicking on is link  !

The Member Library Now Includes:

I thank all of you who join in advance for your support of what I do. I could not continue without you.

Until next week,

Yours in hopes for an inspiring and renewing 2010,


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