Dear Friend,
I love Halloween and especially fairytale-type costumes. That's me, photographed and graphically enhanced by Tara Adcock on Halloween a few years ago at our Lake Lure Total Transformation® program, doing makeup on one of my program attendees (after having done the same on myself obviously). Some of you might not be aware of my background as a top celebrity makeup artist… I was the youngest child in a large family and began playing with makeup as a kid (perhaps my father's influence as he was a painter). I will always be a kid at holidays—especially Halloween.

But my past Halloweens were not so joyful as they are today (and have been for twenty years!). I was a sugar-addicted kid, and once puberty set in, my relationship with food locked into something that would nearly kill me a decade later. And so I was not surprised to learn last week of yet another study—this time a recent one out of the University of Michigan—that made a connection between the opiates released in drug abusers' brain and the same opioid "reward" circuitry in sugar addicts (they used M&Ms). But I've lived a fairytale ending to my former sugar-imprisoned past. After twenty years of total freedom from the need for even the slightest willpower around food that would have been unimaginable to the woman I was, it is still incredible fun to celebrate Halloween and see how many ways I can rebel against the oppressive myth that "decadent" tasting food has to have consequences, or that sweets have to be addictive or will make you "lose control"… Or that healthy versions are "not as sinful tasting" as their addictive counterparts. I hope many of you will join me for some seriously-transforming fun this Halloween as we lock those old food myths away in the dungeon and throw away the key.

Speaking of fairytales, I almost forgot to share the happy endings experienced by Mysti (whom I photographed, above, at the end of our Stillwater, MN Total Transformation® program). Mysti attended my Minneapolis 5-Day Total Transformation program to overcome her acne and sugar addiction, among other things. As I looked at Mysti on the last day of the program (our makeover and photo shoot day)—and mind you, she was ecstatic by that time after bonding with other attendees and having experienced a jumpstart on my program for three weeks prior to arriving in Stillwater, during which time her acne had already been resolved. So she was up for anything— I told her that in addition to her regular photos, that I wanted to turn her into a fairy… Our awesome hostess, Ann (whose story of skin and family transformation I've shared in recent newsletters) had a full costume box from her three kids.. And we pulled one out for Mysti. We couldn't believe how it looked like it was made for her. And you wouldn't believe what she said at the end of the photo shoot…  Here are her own words about that day:
"So there I was at the end of our five days together in Stillwater, which was an absolute BLAST (all incredible women!!), and after an adult life of worse acne than I'd had in my teens, and being hooked on sugar most of my life, I was free of both issues (even during hormonal changes I no longer break out and I don't even need to wear foundation anymore). I'd thought I was eating a healthy diet before, but learned that I was going from one "healthy" sugar spike to the next to keep me going.  After eating Kat's delicious food in Stillwater, I no longer got shaky or light headed before eating and could go for longer periods of time with sustained energy. My belly was already flatter and my waist more defined. It was also very clear to me after days of making incredible desserts and comfort foods that the old choices paled by comparison and I could now make all my favorites that don't harm my body or ruin my skin. So I'm realizing all this and bonding incredibly with these women (who are no good friends) and Kat says: "Can I turn you into a fairy???" And I didn't blink. The photo shoot was a blast.  Kat didn't even know that I have loved fairies since I was a little girl. I told everyone this at the end and it felt like a bit of providence. It was really incredible. The whole thing really forced me to get out of my comfort zone and my life has really been impacted. So has my husband's. He has lost about 15 lbs so far.

For those who are interested in experiencing the full-scale biochemical transformation that my Total Transformation® programs are renowned for, I've posted updated information on my San Francisco Halloween program to take place October 25th-30th below, as well as new, full information about my programs in general as well as San Francisco program details at this link. This particular Halloween Total Transformation®— as it transforms you on a cellular (and visual) level—will bring a child-like joy to your spirit and your self-expression as it frees you from even what's considered a "normal" fear of food overindulgence, and brings back the no-regrets fun of amazing-tasting, truly indulgent and celebratory food. Scroll down for the latest details or email us at to learn more, discuss payment options, or reserve your spot.  

In the meantime, Expo East in Baltimore last weekend was a lot of fun. Thank you to those of you in the natural products industry who made it over to my book signing at Drs. Best. I was humbled by several of you who told me your stories of healing and even one who stepped out of line and told the whole group waiting how my book changed her life. That felt incredible.

Another of my purposes for attending Expo East was to do my research on the new natural product offerings. As promised, here are my top ten picks from Expo East:

  1. Bhaktiveda skin products: This is a very deeply thought-out, Ayurvedic doctor-created line that is very distinct. Includes highly active holy basil (tulsi)-based skin treatments.
  2. Full Core: Delicious new 100% stevia-sweetened lemon-lime or pomegranate-flavored sparkling water with blood sugar-stabilizing, good spectrum of nutrients, including chromium.
  3. Beauty Bursts by Neocell: Collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C-containing new chewy candies. I have looked all over the web to see if there is any sugar in these. If you find a full ingredient link and send us at I'll give you $50 toward a TeleProgram!
  4. Huminerals and Body Boost Detox (Zeolyte) and Humic Hydration Skin Spritz and Immune Boost Raw Powder capsules: Humic and fulvic acid supplements and skin spray. Among the best absorbed of all mineral products I've found.
  5. Gnosis Zero Chocolate 96%, sweetened only with stevia: This is very high-end, RAW chocolate sweetened only with stevia. Such a simple concept but I don't know of anyone else doing it!! Amazing taste! Watch out for dark chocolate if you have adrenal issues.
  6. Shatavari from Organic India: Shatavari is a prized Ayurvedic herb that balances the endocrine system. I like the Organic India capsules for their purity and the potency and freshness of the herbs.
  7. IncrediWear Incredisocks: are proven to increase circulation in the feet. Can be worn under your fall boots to help avoid the poor circulation that often comes with wearing boots in the colder months. Other garments and sports braces available too.
  8. Ikove Chocolate Acai products are richly-therapeutic, completely pure Brazilian wild-crafted, fair-trade, and sustainably produced products,  including Chocolate Acai Body Butter, facial serum, and shampoo and conditioner
  9. Siradell Manuka and Horopitu products and diabetic neuropathy skin and foot products. Very clean and clinically proven.
  10. Slice of Life Sugar Free Vitamin D3 Gummies, 2000 iu: This is the first smartly-sweetened gummie candy (with no negative ingredients) that includes a high-potency dosage of vitamin D.

Also, as promised, I want to include my recent interview as a guest on Radio Martie, explaining how I survived my illnesses and eating disorder, why I no longer do cruise programs (including why my "villa format" is so much more powerful), what I observe in my attendees (from head to toe) day by day, how my programs have evolved over the years, what happens to men at my programs, and the very first and most important initial mindset changes people can make right now, from home.  Enjoy!:

Finally, I'm truly nearing what I promise will be a PRE-HOLIDAY 2012 update to my Member Library Recipe Collection. Radio show previews can be heard at and full show radio archives are available for Member Library subscribers (full details below). Learn about this past weekend's fascinating follow-up interview expanding on new research showing immediate genetic expression changes in men who belly-laugh and teens who were stressed (and much more), with energy healing pioneer and award-winning author of The Genie in Your Genes, Dawson Church, Ph.D. on The Kat James Show (more info and listening link below).

Lucy Gains Hundreds of Hours Over the Past Year

Dear Kat,

Just wanted to say thank you. It has been a year since you came here to do your program in San Diego and you have most definitely been a huge influence in my life. In addition to experiencing the weight loss, skin changes, immediate reduction in hot flashes during the program, loving my new hair style, etcetera,  I have literally  gained a dozen more hours to my life each week. I'm beginning to realize what this has added up to in my productivity.

In your program everyone talks about what they lost in terms if cravings, weight and temptations. But I wanted to tell you that I have gained several hundred hours to my life in the past year. I am able to stay up late and read like crazy. Since our finding out about our young dyslexic (whose life has also been dramatically improved by his amazingly persistent dislike of sugar since we hosted your program here last spring) I have been able to read several books on that topic. I would not have been able to gather as much information in such a short time, if I had not been transformed. Once again, thank you for being YOU!

WIth deep appreciation,

Cindy Also Gains Hours But Loses Breast Lumps and Much More

Fall Mastery Teleprogram attendee Cindy P. had more major developments to share last Thursday night's Module II:

"My clothes fit better. My ankles, arms, and even my fingers and toes are thinner. But one of my big surprises is that my fibrocystic breast lumps are gone... Also my energy levels are really, really good. I sit at a computer most of the week and am always wiped out so much by dinner that I would immediately go to bed right after dinner, then sleep poorly. Now I'm wide awake with full energy after dinner and can enjoy the evening. Then I sleep much more deeply through the night. The cravings have not been back since they left at the beginning, EXCEPT for when I did a doctors test and they made me fast and then eat either a glucose drink or a bagel. Just as you warned, I was thrown off for two days!! But I got back on track and I have no desire to "go there" again."

LAST WEEK'S REPORT: This was Cindy's story shared in my previous newsletter after Module I, three weeks prior to Module II:

"My entire life I've taken my addiction to food for granted. I was always thinking about food. The first Friday of the Fall TeleProgram, right after Module I (the first session),  as part of our "homework" I got started with Kat's program. Not having stocked up on the supplements yet, I went through two kinds of withdrawal and felt miserable until the third day when something shocking happened: My appetite just left. At least the appetite I used to have, where I was thinking about food all the time and especially during the mid-afternoon, even though I'd eaten a good (or so I thought) lunch. I was shocked when it happened. This is a historical happening. Here I was at only ONE WEEK LATER and Kat asked if I'd had the big "drop off" yet and sure enough I had. But then she asked about my physical changes, somewhat expecting them to be dramatic. And I realized at that moment that they were: My neck was noticeably thinner and my lower legs looked—no exaggeration— like back to high school skinny. They are and have always been skinny. But I'm 55 and I guess they had just been swollen, because all that water weight just left. Other changes? I don't wake up groggy now. I have a much clearer mind when I wake up. And I'm not as bloated at all, although I still have some more stomach I'm hoping to lose. This is incredible for so early in the program." 

Don't Wait 'Til Winter: Two Ways to Join in the Fall Jumpstart TeleProgram Right Now

It's still easy to catch up and join Cynthia as part of my Fall TeleProgram as a full-curriculum Jumpstart attendee. The first two module recordings we'll provide to you will catch you up and allow you to construct a program for yourself and experience exciting changes—usually within a few short days—and you'll then have the opportunity to ask me your personal questions that are included with the Jumpstart TeleProgram.

My TelePrograms are the most cost-effective, in-depth and convenient (no travel, no time off work, and just listen to session recordings if you miss any) way to attend the full-curriculum of Total Transformation®, and the most incredible and comprehensive way to totally transform yourself from home that I believe you will ever find. And to add to your value, I'm offering a rare, 100% credit for your full investment in the Fall Jumpstart TeleProgram, toward my Halloween Transformation in San Francisco (or just sign up by October 10th for my San Francisco Total Transformation® and we'll give you a full-curriculum Jumpstart TeleProgram to start immediately for FREE. Just Email us at by Oct. 10th to claim this incredible deal. Read more testimonials at the bottom of this newsletter and get the full TeleProgram details from the link below:

Seriously Fun San Francisco Area Halloween Total Transformation® October 25th-30th
I'm getting very excited about my full-curriculum Halloween Total Transformation® at the end of this month, complete with not only my powerful biochemical physical, craving, mood, energy, and fat-burning health transformation in store, but also, a hauntingly memorable Halloween celebration that will prove one of my most favorite points: That you can "let yourself go" with some wicked food (and costume) fun and still not regret or pay for it (and in fact emerge transformed). And my planned menu for this event will raise the bar for all of your future holiday celebrations. We'll also "rehearse" some Thanksgiving and other festive dishes for the holidays ahead. This program is timed perfectly to get you on a new, perfect track to sail through the holidays looking, cooking, feeling, and navigating the holidays in effortless top form and freedom from physical heaviness and self-sabotage.

Our spacious host home in the city of Brentwood is gorgeous and, weather permitting, we expect full use of the Jacuzzi and fabulous pool. We're adding a possible Presidio area or Ocean Beach picnic, and/or Rocketboat ride on the San Francisco Bay. And of course the usual mini-spa treatments, makeover/photo shoot. As always, we provide transportation from and back to the airport (more details from the link above) as well as the following, which you'll never enjoy at any spa:

For more details on this San Francisco program, including exact location, pricing (including options for locals), and more, click here or email us at

EXTENDED: A Jumpstart TelePrograms will be given away for FREE with early booking (50% deposit will hold your space) for this San Francisco program by October 10th. This means you can start transforming with my program right away...


This Past Weekend's The Kat James Show: Belly Laughs, Stressful Thoughts (and everything in between) Immediately Transform Your Genetic Expression, with Dawson Church, Ph.D., author of The Genie in Your Genes

We've covered epigenetics in past shows, but new research in the last two years has revealed that not only can we changed our current genetic expression nutritionally, but we can change it instantaneously with our thoughts. These incredible new findings change everything.

Dawson Church, Ph.D., is an award-winning author whose recently updated (due to all of this new research!) best-selling book, The Genie in Your Genes, has been hailed as a breakthrough in the field of epigenetics. He has published numerous scientific papers, with a focus on the remarkable self-healing mechanisms now emerging at the intersection of emotion and gene expression. He is editor emeritus of the peer-reviewed journal Energy Psychology: Theory, Research & Treatment, and founded the nonprofit Soul Medicine Institute to research and train practitioners in energy psychology.

Church focuses on a class of genes called Immediate Early Genes or IEGs. These genes turn on within a few seconds of a stimulus and affect our immunity and other aspects of long-term health. They can be triggered by thoughts or emotions. He coins the new term "Epigenetic Medicine" to describe healing techniques with epigenetic effects. He also summarizes therapeutic things you can do right now at home to have immediate impact on your gene expression, as well as the science behind the infant fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine, both of which offer promising epigenetic medical therapies.

SIRIUS/XM Satellite Family Talk 131 and Atlanta Airings for The Kat James Show The Kat James Show is heard on weekends via satellite, Saturdays at noon Pacific on Family Talk XM on channel 131, and also on SIRIUS 131. The Kat James Show, in addition to continued XM and SIRIUS listings above, also airs in Atlanta, via “The Talk of the Town" News Talk 1160 AM (and their live stream at showtime from on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-2 PM, EASTERN. This brings both an earlier Saturday listening option, and a Sunday listening option for my listeners! Seattle listeners can still hear The Kat James Show through NewsTalk 1160 AM live online streaming link at during Saturday or Sunday ’s 10-11am PACIFIC (1-2pm EST) broadcasts. NOTE: As always, I try to send this out before the final airing of my weekend shows. However, if this newsletter is sent out close to , or after the Sunday show begins, I will include a full link to the show in a subsequent newsletter. Full radio show archives are a part of the subscriber-supported Member Library (more information, below).

Listen to All The Kat James Show Archives and Transform Your Recipes With New 2012 Member Library Subscription Activation with NEW END-OF-2012, PARTIAL-YEAR Subscription Option
My belated 2012 first-through-fourth quarter updates are coming soon (BEFORE the holidays)... Those who have waited to join my Total Transformation® Member Library so that their subscription would include all of 2012 can now subscribe for the REMAINDER OF 2012 (you get the "mother load" of material all in one shot for a limited time through December 2012 for only $69. Email us at for details and how to subscribe. Or, simply go to and make payment to (put "Partial Year Member Library) in the description, and we will email you your link upon payment notification.

Enjoy full radio show archives (countless in-depth topics discussed, from thyroid health, to thermography special offers, to high histamine personality types, to breast cancer interview with Susanne Somers, to hormone symptoms, testing, and treatment options you haven’t heard of and much, much more will be available to you on demand, in addition to discounts on key program resources and of course the most popular and critical Total Transformation® recipes plus many new ones, including my new spinach puffs (and spinach PESTO puffs; best ever), “Transformed Indian Spice Bread, Tomato ice cream, and no-grain, no sugar hot cereal recipes, Baked, fruited brie, spinach, crab, or chicken puffs (and variations), dips, crème caramel, caramel crunch bar, savory Chicken Kiev or avocado soup, and more, plus several new resources that have become critic al to my program attendees. With full access to quarterly recipe additions from Tot al Transformation® Programs.

Welcome, NEW Kat James Newsletter Subscribers: Information for You and to Email Your Friends About Kat James and Total Transformation® For new subscribers, this newsletter now includes some of the best ways to familiarize you with what I do: First, and foremost, my book, The Truth About Beauty, the stories from the homepage of my web site,, the radio show previews at are great places to get to know what I do. Be sure to read my own story at, and watch this video of our Biggest (health!) Gainer winner, chaplain Janet Hunter from Spring Branch, Texas (you can read her full story at Better Nutrition's website where I write a regular column), with her live recounting of her Total Transformation® experience for those of you who would like serious inspiration to jump in with both feet (she had a heart attack in 2009 and is now truly transformed, according to her doctors).

Kat James COVER Story, Total Health Magazine One of the best ways to learn about my Total Transformation® Program and its unusual track record and features is to click on the link above that leads to my recent story from Total Health Magazine. Or, you could just go to this link to learn about my extremely unique program which achieves a unique biochemical objective that is not available through other dietary approaches. I make no claims. I only share real life success s tories, including my own:

Also get started on a less-strict, less-individualized version of my program (but still experience great results) by reading The Truth About Beauty VIDEO: Former Heart Attack Victim-Turned Totally Transformed “Biggest Gainer” of Health, Janet Hunter

Testimonials From Total Transformation®
Dear Kat, Almost a year later, I’m still off the vicious cycle of eating wrong which reduced my energy (and increased weight) and once kept me addicted to caffeine.  Something so simple to see now in hindsight, but I was lost in that cycle for a long time. Thank you again for your program, as it was what I needed.

M.B.: “I cannot believe that I’ve done this. I can’t believe I’m still off my wine. It’s not based on willpower. I have tried to stop drinking in the past, but did not succeed. The thing with me is, I’m a nurse and have worked crazy shifts. But now I work only days and found myself ho me every night. Then I started drinking wine. It became a FRIEND... I would even put off eating and just drink a few glasses until later in the evening. I’d then have poor sleep and wake up groggy. It was a horrible habit! Last weekend was my third without wine. I’m really proud of myself. Now I want to go to bed earlier. I find that my focus and concentration are way better now. I am waking up earlier, not groggy. This morning I got up at a quarter ‘till 7 and started sitting down and doing Xmas cards. Then another task. It’s remarkable. You say your program is not ‘motivation based” per se. I have to disagree. I know  that you lay this out as a biochemical change, which I believe. But you got me to do this and that is truly motivational!!!”

Amy A.: "The hardest thing for me  to believe going in was that I could ever be free of the urge to binge. The price was a bit hard at first. I have spent a lot on various diets/plans and was afraid this wouldn't be any different. I had had experience with the book, but with the added reinforcement of doing the TeleProgram, something clicked. Now I am experiencing--for the first time--the ability to feel fully satisfied after a meal. I don't obsess about my next meal while I'm eating the current one anymore. It was worth the money! My face looked less puffy within a few days. Everything else seems to be very gradual toning and tightening-up. I had lots of headaches for various reasons at first, including the fact that I was weaning off of sleeping pills, but I am sleeping now, using nothing but supplements, and the headaches have diminished. Mastery was definitely the right choice for me. The q & a was my favorite part, invaluable. I really liked the time we each got to spend talking with you, and troubleshooting. It gave me hope and reinforcement. You are amazingly patient, I don't know how you do it!

Doreen C.: "There is a profound feeling that a weight has been lifted when you can no longer be 'put on the defensive' by food.  A couple of weeks ago came that moment of realization when I felt nothing around a plate of elegant mini cream puffs set in the middle of each table at a at fancy charity event. I can't think of something that would have been harder for me to resist only a short time ago. I did not even think about it, beyond the funny realization that I felt nothing, which was so surprising. I am also sated by  absurdly smaller amounts of food these days, not because I am trying to be 'good' but because my body just knows when  it has been deeply nourished (unlike before). Something major has happened. Then there are the physical effects. My husband hid my scale as Kat suggested. But everyone keeps commenting on different little things about me. For my yoga teacher, its my changing body shape , (which I feel in my clothes). For my immediate family, it's my skin  tone and clarity in my eyes. Repeatedly, I keep  hearing about my "healthy glow."  For me, my favorite part of Kat's program so far, is the effect that it has on my husband, Patrick who no longer falls asleep after dinner . Life just got more & interesting :)).... The session on hormones has sent me on an exciting process, and I feel that there are major resolutions right around the corner. Patrick really did this for me, but we have done the program together, and truly feel this will be our "Total Transformation".

Gladys K.: "I went to grab the whole fat yogurt at the store, and one  of the customers next to me said "my nutritionist said that is loaded with fat and fat is bad for you." I just ignored her and said nothing. I felt thin and healthy. I went on the  scale this morning and lost about two pounds but it seemed like more because my pants are loose and my face is thinner. I like what I feel and and  see in the mirror. For the first time in a long time I'm not thinking 24/7 of food. I have more time to do other things. You have the secret. I know it is your passion to share it. Thank you for sharing and helping us."

Aurora D.: "There's been a change in my skin, more sound sleep, eyes less puffy and flatter stomach. Most of this occurred within a few days to a couple of weeks.  I'm most surprised about how quickly the cravings for ice cream and sweets stopped (within a few days). It is rare that I feel "I have to have some ice cream" which use to be a daily message from my brain. Many of the people on the call had more experience with the program and had questions that I would not even had known to ask. It was very helpful and it was good to hear that many women had some  of the same issues and you had the answers. This has saved me asking a lot of questions that would have come up later, if and when I do have a private consultation, it will save me money. As a result of the Teleprogram I believe I am on my way to living a much healthier more vibrant life and will look and feel much better as I age gracefully. How could it have served me better? Had I known about and started this earlier, like 20 years ago... I am really looking forward to participating at the Asheville program. I'm excited about what lies ahead."

Cindi C.: "My reservation about doing the Basic Jumpstart teleprogram was wondering what I would learn that wasn't already in the book. Well, I feel like I've learned so much more, and that's saying a lot because your book is loaded with valuable information! My sugar cravings have stopped! It's a miracle! It probably only took a week or two. I now observe that I'm not wishing for my old standby snacks (in the old days, I'd pop popcorn, look for ice cream, any thing chocolate or any junk food and of ten eat that as a late snack). Can't forget the other improvement I felt right away...the Sprite shower filter is amazing!! My skin and hair are so much softer than they were. Incredible!"

Julie: "I feel less water retention in my abdomen and face. My mood and emotions are more stable because I do not drink wine any more. My daughter is very happy about this because she told me my personality changed when I drank wine. Wine had a very big impact on my insulin response. The Mastery program was the right choice for me. I like the fact that it is spread out over several weeks so that participants can see what problems they are encountering. This allowed me to live the program in "real life" and to deal with daily stresses and try to stick with the plan. Then it was great to com e back with our questions. Having access to the recordings to listen to after and between sessions has also been wonderful and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by information overload. Learning from others' questions and comments has given me information that I know has saved me the expense of personal consultations down the road."

Lisa: “It has been 2 weeks since I began your program. I have had a raging eating disorder for the last 29 years. Over the course of  the last year I have tried everything to find freedom from the madness of my eating disorder. Every morning I woke up I said that this would be the day that I would eat healthy and not snack.  I promised myself I would not visit Starbucks and yet every day I found my self making excuses and planning my entire day  around that visit, a visit that would only be the beginning of the madness. Mood swings, impatience with my beautiful little boy, energy ups and downs. Finally, I started reading  your book again and reading the stories of other women. Two weeks a go I took the leap of faith and started your program.  Within 3 days, my life started changing. I felt a sense of calm, my head stopped spinning and my days were no longer ruled by thought s of food. I truly never thought  that I could give up my daily trip to Starbucks and I can honestly say that I have not even thought a bout walking into one.  Any time I am fee ling anxious I now eat the foods you have taught me could calm me (the last foods I could have imagined I could trust). I purchased the library recipe workshop and made some of the new candy and griddle cake recipe s [Note from Kat: 2010 Member Library subscription comes with the Mastery program by Lisa purchased separately, more info on how to do that below ].....this is way better than Starbucks; With a clearer head I am starting to think about things I have not thought about for a long time. I have s tarted to ride horses again be cause my time is no longer filled with thoughts of food. I knew there was so  much more to life than food and it took this approach to see the other side. It truly was a leap of faith to really go for it, as I (and everyone I know) have been brainwashed to thinking this way of living couldn’t possibly bring me peace or freedom without weight gain and they have done both. Each day when I wake up I wait to find out that it is all a dream, but then the same peace stays in my body all day again. This tool is something I will now have for ever, and that is priceless. Now it’ s about expanding my options and honing it in my remaining sessions [Lisa purchased a series of four a la carte sessions to use as she needs them]. I am grateful, Kat. Thank you.

Jon F.: A year after beginning the full, customized regimen Kat honed for me at last July's program, I’m almost free of fibromyalgia pain I’ve had for most of my adult life. I no longer need my asthma medication, and am nearly weaned off the sleep meds and anti-depressants that kept part of my mind captive for fifteen years. So much clarity has returned! I no longer crave beer, which not only flattened my belly, but I know has altered my future from all kinds of other dependencies. I am freer by the month.

T. E.: It’s incredible to have reached my goal weight and to be staying here without struggle. Another thing that I noticed is that (this is embarrassing) I have had absolutely zero gas or bloating since the April program.

D.H.: Since starting this, my latest glasses prescription is too strong. The cataracts that clouded my vision while driving at night are no longer noticeable. I’m  back to my college weight without struggling and no longer have that ball and chain feeling later in the day.

Marybeth: My son no longer thinks his sister should be committed (not joking ). Her food issues are almost gone. My digestive challenges from the colon removal procedure I had have greatly improved (including my ability to eat normal food at the table with my family) with this program. It’s like I have a huge quality of life aspect back since April. I am grateful to you for what you have done for Becca and I.

C.R.: It’s as if my wife has had a lobotomy (in a good way).  She says your program "saved” her.

Carol: I have to rethink my own aspirations because I now have so much more energy-packed life to fill. My nutrition practice will never be the same. The value of what I’ve learned is unfolding in how I feel and think...Anna: My sister attended the May 2010 program and is a total devotee. She looks younger each time I see her!

K.S.: Since the TeleProgram I feel beautiful for the first time at 62. Like I know an incredible sec ret that is literally transforming me without struggle.

Kelly B.: I was amazed that half way through my meal the other night, I was DONE. It was mouthwatering but I was totally full (though not “physically” full). My sleep, as you predicted, was also effected by what I ate on Monday, it is amazing how everything is connected. The supplement you recommended is working better than the Bach's Remedies were working. I have more energy than ever! You were right that I need to take program-friendly snacks along with me when I go shopping; Yesterday I went to town, an hour drive, and found I became quite hungry (unusual as I used to be able to skip meals)! I know you said this would happen since we are no longer in a “famine mode.” I have also noticed that I am very hungry in the mornings (used to skip breakfast), then easily sated and stay  very satisfied until it's time to eat again. Amazing to think I'm just burning through fat now. Over all I have an "all is well with my soul" feeling, I like it!

Jen: Your book and program gave me my sister back. Five years later and she still looks great. We were proud to see her story in Woman’s World.

B.M.: Amazing that I have had no desire for my evening wine since the program (June 25th) ended. I have tried to do the program myself for years, but couldn’t get past that hump. I needed to be there. Now I’m free of what I suspect was my most destructive craving.

For general information about my Total Transformation® Programs and Teleprograms click here.

I sincerely hope to meet many of you soon...

Until next time,

Yours in health, Truth and Beauty,

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