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Detox Myths and Truths: Master the cleanse without harming yourself  

Detox can be a great thing… But extreme or short-sighted detox fads can actually set you up for thyroid and even eating disorders. Myths abound, from the virtues of fasting (that weak feeling is good for you, right?) to demonizing fat and cooked food, to the concept of detox as being a periodic, all-or-nothing ritual. Learn how to awaken the daily detox within every day of your life without punishing your body, as well as how to achieve a new level of cellular detox with new foods, elixirs, supplements, bathing, and other therapies.

After completing studies in thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, accupuncture, and European spa therapies, Dan Fryda played a central role in bringing thalassotherapies (seaweed and other marine-based therapies) to the American spa market. His work proved that seaweed and algaes had as profound a detoxifying and transforming effect on the skin as they have on the body. This culminated in his recent book, The Ocean Within, which is a fascinating immersion into the cell-transforming world of seawater and marine therapies, and their critical role in the most effective skin and body rejuvenation and detox therapies.

As the premiere formulator of pure seaweed skin and bathing products for the spa industry, Mr. Fryda is also the founder of Spa Technologies, which is a line of uncommonly pure and concentrated seaweed products, including the popular Bio-Active Marine Complex. Learn more at www.SpaTechnologies.com. Kat James Show listeners will receive a free vial of detoxifying and clarifying liquid oxygen with purchase of Bio-Active Marine Complex by visiting www.SpaTechnologies.com or by calling 1-800-998-8728. Use code kat james when ordering.

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With an Oprah-like ability to relate to the struggles and triumphs of real people, and the deeply-informed insights to facilitate real physical and mindset change, Kat engages all ages and levels of awareness through her dual perspectives from both sides of the transformational fence. Representing an exciting new forum for converting superficial body and beauty obsessions into powerful inside-out health pursuits, The Kat James Show fills the gap between mere health news and living results.

“Kat James is a master of self-transformation.
And she should know. She was her own first success story. Hers is the advanced course on inside-out transformation.”
—Mary Christ Anderson, Senior Fitness Editor, SELF magazine



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