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Here is the recording from February 13, 2009. Listen to it by clicking on the link below.

Healthy Seduction Part 2: The Art of the Glow
This second of Kat James’ 2-part Valentine Series on Healthy Seduction reveals cutting-edge secrets to bringing out your glow both instantly and long-term. Learn about glow-getting skin care breakthroughs from award-winning natural skincare expert Emily Fritchey. Top it off with inside-out beauty and celebrity makeup techniques right from Kat’s bag of natural makeup tricks (including the inide-out instant eye-lift) once reserved for stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Martha Stewart. Just in time for Valentine's Day—and the rest of your more vibrant life.

Emily Fritchey, CNHP, is a clinical aesthetician and natural health practitioner whose cutting-edge approach to dramatic skin transformation without chemicals or drugs has made her not only a respected trend-setter among her peers in the dermatology field, but an award-winning formulator and expert on evidence-based, botanical skin treatments. Preceding her 20 years in the field was her own painful struggle with the shame of troubled skin that no man-made medicines could resolve. This led to her studies in herbology, iridology, enzyme therapies, and energy healing and eventually, to the development of her own results-oriented natural skincare line, Sunshine Botanicals, which recently garnered the “Beauty with a Conscience” award from Natural Solutions magazine. Learn more at www.sunshinebotanicals.com

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With an Oprah-like ability to relate to the struggles and triumphs of real people, and the deeply-informed insights to facilitate real physical and mindset change, Kat engages all ages and levels of awareness through her dual perspectives from both sides of the transformational fence. Representing an exciting new forum for converting superficial body and beauty obsessions into powerful inside-out health pursuits, The Kat James Show fills the gap between mere health news and living results.

“Kat James is a master of self-transformation.
And she should know. She was her own first success story. Hers is the advanced course on inside-out transformation.”
—Mary Christ Anderson, Senior Fitness Editor, SELF magazine




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