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Kat James

Kat James is an award-winning nutrition author, researcher, leptin pioneer, and syndicated radio host who has been called a master of self-transformation by SELF magazine, as well as the "Jane Goodall of leptin" after she overcame autoimmune, liver, and eating disorders that nearly took her life, then taught countess others her original protocol, by living along with more than 115 groups, with doctor-verified success. 


James' pioneering dietary method is now recommended by top neurologic, fertility, functional medicine, stem cell, metabolic, and dental clinics around the world. She's been featured at top spas and institutions such as Omega Institute and Canyon Ranch, as well as on PBS, Today, Fox, Hallmark Channel, TBS, Good Day New York, and SELF, in Life Extension, Glamour, and Marie Claire, among others.

"In my international research and education to the scientific and medical communities I have not encountered a retreat or Program that so consistently produces (and, more importantly, maintains) the biochemical affects on leptin and mTOR as Kat James' Total Transformation does."       

—Dr. Ron Rosedale, world authority on leptin and insulin

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Feel your body transform and your head clear, in real time, 
as you experience a truly unique and scientifically-validated lifestyle approach alongside Kat James, in a beautiful location. Enjoy sumptuous yet strategically transforming meals You help to prepare, as your physical burdens lighten. Most importantly, you'll return home, not only with changes you and others will see and feel, but a powerful new, lifelong tool...

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