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Feel your body transform and your head clear, in real time, 
as you experience a truly unique and scientifically-validated lifestyle approach alongside Kat James, in a beautiful location. Enjoy sumptuous yet strategically transforming meals You help to prepare, as your physical burdens lighten. Most importantly, you'll return home, not only with changes you and others will see and feel, but a powerful new, lifelong tool...

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID 19, in-person Total Transformation® Programs will be limited per individual local guidelines. The general information, photos, and links below pertain to all onsite Programs, but please dismiss the dates and location on this page and check with us at for upcoming private, local, or online dates.


Join Kat James for a Total Transformation® in 2021 - 202 2 (Ask for Upcoming Location)

Feel your body transform and your head clear, in real time, as you experience a new lifestyle approach alongside Kat James, in a beautiful location. Enjoy the most sumptuous—yet strategically-transforming—meals as your physical burdens lighten.  Most importantly... return home with changes you (and others) will see and feel, plus a powerful new, lifelong tool that you can begin to harness soon after you sign up, with James’ included Transformation Jumpstart coaching.

The following is information on Kat James and her Total Transformation® Programs. No claims are made.


Kat James is an award-winning nutrition author, leptin pioneer, and syndicated radio host who has been called a master of self-transformation by SELF magazine, as well as the "Jane Goodall of leptin" after she overcame autoimmune, liver, and eating disorders that nearly took her life, then taught countess others her original protocol with doctor-verified success. The changes you see in Kat, below, are reversals of disease, not just cosmetic.








James' pioneering dietary method is now clinically-recommended at top neurologic, fertility, functional medicine, stem cell, metabolic, and dental clinics around the world. She's been featured at top spas and institutions such as Omega Institute and Canyon Ranch, as well as on PBS, Today, Fox, Hallmark Channel, TBS, Good Day New York, and SELF, in Life Extension, Glamour, and Marie Claire, among others.



What is Kat James' Total Transformation? It is the original, science-based, transformational nutritional and lifestyle protocol pieced together, unguided, by award-winning author, Kat James, to save her own life from autoimmune, liver, and eating disorders, while dramatically transforming her shape, appearance, and relationship with food beyond recognition, permanently, in 1990. Then, with increasing validation from top metabolic experts, she honed this symptom-focused protocol, calibrating it for countless individuals with wide-ranging metabolic "thresholds," health and lifestyle issues, to achieve the same distinct "flip" into resensitization to the hormone leptin in a matter of days, with an equally-wide range of outcomes generally deemed to be impossible by most doctors and fitness professionals.

James' Program has been featured or endorsed at prestigious institutions such as Omega Institute and Canyon Ranch, as well as by functional medicine, fertility, neurology, dental, and other clinics and spas throughout the U.S. and beyond. . 

With a wide variety of biochemical effects that have been consistently verified in medical labs and corroborated in published research on the hormone leptin, Kat James' Method has been honed over decades of on-site experience "living along with" her attendees and closely observing the individual thresholds at which a unique biochemical change into a dramatically-transformed physical state and hormonal response to food quickly and consistently takes place***. This rare, onsite observation of over 100 groups, eating only her protocol (in addition to more than 70 online groups) has earned her the moniker "The Jane Goodall of Leptin" from Better Nutrition magazine.

The unique state of leptin sensitivity (rare in the U.S., even in some of the healthiest people) is not only achieved generally quickly with James’ protocol, but sustained long-term without struggle in an increasingly high percentage of cases. Most feel a pronounced, body-wide "flip" on day three or four of the on-site Program, following a couple weeks of preparatory process to acclimate the body for the most comfortable transition into leptin sensitivity.

Total Transformation® features James’ original, four-module, 12-hour educational curriculum or achieving that same, unique biochemical "flip,” which generally ushers in not only an immediately altered relationship with food (even in those feeling they have no issues there experience a change to the nature of their hunger and to their satiety), but head-to-toe transformation affecting virtually all body systems at the cellular level.

Be aware that a great many “leptin foods” or “leptin diets” and even those referencing Kat James seem to be keto and high-protein regimens which stress the kidney and liver and set off the mTOR pathway, while prohibiting leptin function.

Decades of honing has closed countless loopholes that practitioners are very surprised to learn have proven "deal-breaking" in James' protocol. Even certain supplement and tincture ingredients have abruptly cut off leptin sensitivity in nearly everyone, to James' own surprise. But none of those things are missed, once eliminated, as leptin sensitivity famously turns off all craving and heals the dopamine pathway deficits responsible for addiction and reward system malfunction. No claims are made, but miracles are commonplace in this area.

PLEASE NOTE: Kat James’ books are not designed for leptin sensitivity, which must be a highly-individualized protocol that is initiated with care. It requires a minimum of twelve hours of education, not only to grasp the principles and details, but to minimize transitional discomfort, taking many previous factors affecting that person into account.

26,000 studies confirm that leptin is the body's "master hormone," biochemical "compass," and all-systems regulator.  It's already in your body; it’s just not functioning in the vast majority of even relatively healthy men and women.  Leptin sensitivity is not regained through drugs or supplements. It can only be achieved through initially counter-intuitive dietary manipulation that is not understood in either conventional or alternative medical literature.
No Sustained Willpower Required: Because of leptin's unrivaled role in satiety in the body, zero self-deprivation is involved after generally a handful of days, once the "flip" has been achieved. No online "keto" diets or online leptin diets or "leptin foods" can create or maintain true leptin sensitivity or sustain the no-willpower “zone” afforded by James’ Method.

Better and Healthier than Fasting: Leptin Sensitivity is the Ultimate "Biohack": Widely misunderstood in its pursuit, the "master hormone," leptin, when fully functional, is the ultimate "bio-hacker's" tool, far surpassing the biochemical capabilities and safety of keto, Paleo, fasting (hormonal, reproductive and dopamine risks) diets, while affording virtually all of the benefit, such as increased autophagy, mTOR suppression (anti-aging vs. undesired cell replication increasing cancer risk), AMPK and stem cell activation, etc., that longevity and fitness biohackers seek.

Leptin is The All-Systems Regulator: If you search leptin an any system of the body, you'll discover it "regulates" or "modulates" or "activates" every system you search. Proven to regulate not only appetite and energy production, but also one's immune system, thyroid hormone production, adrenal glands, tissue repair (faster healing and workout recovery), autonomic nervous system ("rest and digest" vs. "fight or flight"), dopamine pathway (affecting addiction, Parkinson's, pain, and more), inflammation response, blood sugar, microbiome, endocannabinoid function (including pain reduction, even without CBD), sex hormone (muscle formation, libido, reproductive), proven neuroprotection on all fronts, and much more.


Why Haven't You Heard about Leptin? Because it cannot be patented and because the only way to manipulate it successfully, is not patentable, because it is through food


"In my international research and education to the scientific and medical communities I have not encountered a retreat or Program that so consistently produces (and, more importantly, maintains) the biochemical affects on leptin and mTOR as Kat James' Total Transformation does."       
                                     —Dr. Ron Rosedale, world authority on leptin and insulin

A Stunning Track Record of doctor- and lab-verified “Transformation”*** (no claims are made, however, all could be coincidence) of metabolic, cardiovascular, sleep, digestive, yeast/fungus, joint pain, bone, menstrual, hot flash, food sensitivity, chronic fatigue, skin aging and rashes, mood/anxiety, learning challenges, seizures/auras/migraine, food/sugar issues, Parkinsons symptoms, neuropathical, dementia, and autoimmune symptoms (of all types and severities), and much more.*** 

Regarding the food: James' culinary protocols are unprecedented in their innovation, "throw-together" simplicity, and "sumptuosity." Her Program experience (whether online, or particularly the on-site Programs) creatively-empower participants to feel confident in exploring their own tastes while adhering to the important, individualized requirements of her principles. Both her proprietary recipes and her educational style inspire even the kitchen- and time-challenged to create their own variations, based on tastes, traditions, and even travel logistics, intuitively. Restaurant savvy is also covered in detail.

Below is a sampling of "before and after" photos of Kat James (center) and some of her clients, for whom doctors verified resolutions (far beyond the visual weight changes) of serious health issues, after exhaustive medical interventions failed:

















Kat James' Method is for those who are ready to move on from the “suffering and willpower” paradigms and experience a quantum leap in benefit beyond what other approaches such as fasts, raw, vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, and even ketogenic diets or spa visits have afforded them.

To Learn More Details About Kat James' 5-Day On-Site Programs, Read On...

To Learn About Kat James' From-Home TelePrograms, visit this link:


What’s Included in the 5-day, Total Transformation®, On-site Program?*  

  • Kat James’ personally-delivered, full, 12-hour Total Transformation® educational lifestyle curriculum designed to harness the master hormone leptin and produce vitality, in real time, with a strong track-record of doctor-verified transformations***

  • Upscale accommodations in a beautiful home (if applicable, dbl occupancy). 

  • All strategically-sumptuous, Program-specific meals, including culinary innovation mastery instruction with Kat James 

  • Ground transport to location from designated airport (usually between 2 and 4PM the afternoon of the first day and back on departure day)

  • A Jumpstart coaching or module which you can begin soon after registering, to ease your transition in advance of the on-site Program  

  • Afternoons to explore local attractions (beaches, golf, etc.)  

  • A post-Program, individual live follow-up coaching with Kat during scheduled group calls, to lock-in your results and long-term benefit.  

PRICE*: (includes all features above; accommodations optional):
Sleep Off-premises (within 25 min of location): $2650 for helper**; $3050 non-helper.
Sleep On-premises (dbl occupancy accommodations): Helpers**, $3150, Non-helpers, $3550.
Companion discount, $250 each if booked on the same business day. Or add companion later for $250 refund

PAYMENT can either be made at if you have an account (simply use the “send money” option to pay the program fee using our email OR, if you don’t have a PayPal account, we can invoice you for payment by credit card..


Have more questions? Email us at email or call 877-54-TOTAL.  

*Non-refundable; Minor feature and schedule variations may occur; venue may change if size of group or other needs dictate.
** Helpers (most people are helpers) help with dishes or other chores or errands (if able).
***LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All statements above and at Kat James events are for educational purposes only. No disease prevention, diagnosis, or treatment claims are made. All attendees will be required to sign a health release, as well as a non-disclosure/non-compete agreement.

Transformation Success Stories:
These national radio and print testimonials linked below feature firsthand accounts of dramatic transformations of everything from Candida symptoms, to “incurable” 30-year leg swelling, hair loss, chronic sinus infections, dairy sensitivity reversal (first link)... to hot flashes, Insomnia, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, thyroid, hair loss, IBS, dairy sensitivity, asthma, heartburn, skin, and even marriage relationship (second link)… rolling back menopause (from sleep to weight gain, to stopped cycles started again, plus resolved dairy sensitivities (again!), plus how a church donation gave a dying woman a Total Transformation® and health turnaround after doctors gave up on her obesity, flesh-eating wounds, and MRSA (third link)… a finally, how a  relatively “healthy” man conquered fibromyalgia, sleep, depression, digestion, asthma, and more (article/fourth link). Contact for specific story topic requests if you are curious about specific issues. The array of success story topics is exhaustive.

Aug. 1st show Summer Transformations Part I

Aug. 8th show, Lisa T Summer Transformation Part II


Can’t Get Away? Be Sure to Look Into Kat’s 8-Week, Full-Curriculum Total Transformation® Teleprograms If timing or finances do not allow, you might consider “attending” a full-curriculum Total Transformation® Basic Jumpstart or Mastery TeleProgram from your favorite chair at home is your answer. You can even miss sessions and listen to recordings of them from your home. What an ideal format the Electrograph turned out to be for those who could not afford the time or expense to get away for the full destination Program experience. In all survey responses, the pacing was said to be pretty much perfect. For more information, please click here



Opportunities for Local LMTs and Aestheticians Interested in Participating in Total Transformation® If you are an LMT, licensed aesthetician, email us at for more details if you are interested in attending at a discount.



Total Transformation® Participant Testimonials


Diane Lane, Academy Award-Winning Actress:

A trainer and doctor I worked with, recommended I work with Kat James while in NYC to prepare for a stage role at Lincoln Center, and also to help a family member. Kat's program was a key factor in my looking and feeling my best for the role and gave me an incredible tool for myself and my family going forward.



Emily F., CNHP, aesthetician, and Master Formulator:

“I can’t believe what I’m feeling. After just a few days, my eyes and my head are so clear. My bloat and facial puffiness are almost gone. My shape is changing. This is unbelievable to me because this goes against all my training as a health educator.”



Former COO of Houston Power and Gas, Georgianna N.
(as featured in GRAND magazine), and husband:

“The first time around I went from a size 14 to a ten in about a month, and more importantly my thyroid notules went away, as did my seborrhea to the point where I could wear sleeveless tops again. No more steroid creams are needed. I have watched the circles under my eyes and the crepey skin on the back of my hands almost disappear. All of my blood work has dramatically improved. The second time I lost another four dress sizes and got my husband to attend. Now he no longer smokes and is on a totally different path as we enter retirement. This may well have saved our marriage.”



Jeff Cotter (as featured in Better Nutrition):

“I have lost 55 lbs and my blood sugar is now normal. My skin and hair are much softer. And yet I’m only just getting started with this. I have not felt like this since I was a teenager. I have tried other diets and none truly ended my very desire for what I now see as poisonous foods.”



Former Diabetic Grandmother Sue Kirwan (as featured in GRAND magazine):

“I am no longer diabetic and have lost 36 pounds (four dress sizes) in three months, and regained my oval face shape."



Typical Results***: Though no claims are made, short-term benefits typical of 5-day Total Transformation® Programs include pronounced changes in appetite, swelling, bloating, fluid weight, sleep, energy, skin, and mood, with the most marked transformation seen by day three or four of the actual retreat. Those who choose to execute fully the included, Jumpstart module which is given at the time of registration, may experience many of the above changes far in advance of the event.

For information about our refund policy click here


*LEGAL DISCLAIMER (educational purposes only). The beauty and health approaches presented here at and as presented in any Total Transformation® Program or Teleprograms® are not offered as cures, prescriptions, diagnoses or a means of such. No attempt should be made to use any of this information as a form of treatment without the approval and guidance of your doctor. and its publishers assume no responsibility in the correct or incorrect use of its information.

Copyright © 2021 All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission is prohibited.

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